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UNSPOTTED 4X 10% AHA / 15% Total Acid Dark Spot Serum

Introducing Ghost-Buster SPF 42 100% Mineral Sunscreen

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  • "Lion Pose's Ghost-Buster Sunscreen has one of the creamiest textures that makes you forget it's a mineral-based SPF." Read More

  • "I started using their Unspotted [serum], and it completely got rid of all of my hyperpigmentation marks that I got from my acne scarring." Read More

  • "I've tested out a lot of dark-spot serums, and it's rare to find one that delivers quick and significant results like this.” Read More

  • “I've always struggled with hyperpigmentation and I’m always trying to find products that help with my acne scars and dark spots, but that don't also change my skin tone.” Read More

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  • "Lion Pose Skin Care
Is Fighting For Inclusivity In The Beauty World”
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Setting the tone for clinicals.

Most companies do not conduct formal clinical testing. And if they do, they are not required to test on all skin tones and types.

We spend over $50,000 on clinical trials per product to ensure our products are safe and effective for more people.

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Democratizing dermatology.

There are approximately 10,000 dermatologists in the US. That’s 33,000 people to each dermatologist. 

It’s just not possible for everyone to get treated when they need it. That’s why we provide access to clinically effective products that are made to treat the kinds of concerns you might seek a derm’s advice for.

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Our Harvard-Trained Dermatologists

Dr. Laura Scott

Associate Director of the Skin of Color, Division at the University of Miami’s Dept. of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery. Co-chair of the Skin of Color Society’s Technology and Media Committee. Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Tia Paul

Board-certified dermatologist at St. Joseph Heritage. Received her bachelor’s from Cornell University and a joint MD from Harvard Medical School and MIT. She also volunteered as a physician in multiple countries including Haiti, India, and Kenya.