• Cosmeceutical skincare, hypertargeted for hyperpigmentation.

    Science is our Mane Thing
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Skincare research is a jungle of misinformation.

Studies get commissioned by brands with inherent bias. The reported results are subjective. The “clinicals” get taken out of context.  And nowhere is this gross lack of legitimate study as apparent  as in the research on skin of color, which barely makes it into the textbooks.  

As both new and old brands jump on the now-trending bandwagon  of skincare for colored skin, most are simply adding token brown models  to their campaigns and “brownwashing” existing products—  changing up an ingredient, putting “for dark skin” on the labels,  and claiming to target problems like hyperpigmentation.  

Lion Pose is here to lay down the new laws and rule for brown.

We believe that science can solve for our unique skincare issues. We’ve quite literally seen it happen.

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Everyone should have access to the kind of daily-use products that used to be prescription-only territory and give you a 100% clear path to success.

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Did you know?

People of color are more likely to blemish and scar, because our skin is prone to overproducing melanin. In fact, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (or dark spots due to acne) affects 65% of Black Americans, 53% of Hispanic Americans, and 47% percent of Asian Americans.

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