Pep Talk™ Barrier Repair Cream with Peptides + Ceramides

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Pep Talk™ Barrier Repair Cream with Peptides + Ceramides

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A rich and non-comedogenic moisturizer with ceramides and vegan BIO-Placenta peptides that repairs skin barrier, calms redness, and hydrates dry skin.                  

Our Harvard derm-developed Pep Talk barrier cream is clinically proven to improve skin barrier and decrease redness after treatments like retinol. It contains 100% vegan BIO-Placenta peptides - with growth & regeneration traits mimicking human placenta. Triple lipids with ceramides plump and hydrate skin.


In a third-party clinical testing study* of 31 women age 25 to 55: 

  • Skin hydration improved 133% immediately after use.
  • 100% saw an improvement in skin barrier immediately after use.
  • 100% of retinol users saw a reduction in redness and improvement in skin barrier immediately after use. 
In addition, Pep Talk is clinically proven to be non-comedogenic based on a clinical testing panel of 14 subjects using the Follicular Biopsy Method.

*Using a Novometer and TEWL to measure hydration and barrier repair, respectively. Of the 31 clinical testing participants, 20 were active retinol users. 
    Pep Talk™ Barrier Repair Cream with Peptides + Ceramides

    Our 5-Point Clinical Testing Standard

    Most skincare products do not require formal clinical testing. And those that do, are often not required to be tested inclusively on all skin tones. We hold ourselves to a higher standard:

    • We use third-party facilities
    • We conduct non-subjective assessments
    • We test on diverse skin tones
    • We publish statistically significant results
    • We have zero conflicts of interest 
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    Our Harvard-Trained Dermatologists

    Dr. Laura Scott

    Associate Director of the Skin of Color, Division at the University of Miami’s Dept. of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery. Co-chair of the Skin of Color Society’s Technology and Media Committee. Harvard Medical School Alum.

    Dr. Tia Paul

    Board-certified dermatologist at St. Joseph Heritage. Received her bachelor’s from Cornell University and a joint MD from Harvard Medical School and MIT. She also volunteered as a physician in multiple countries including Haiti, India, and Kenya.


    Do your products work for all skin tones and ethnicities?

    All Lion Pose products are formulated and clinically proven to work on all skin tones, types, and ethnicities.

    Are Lion Pose products suitable for sensitive skin?

    Lion Pose products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. We avoid synthetic fragrances and dyes, and instead use scientifically-proven botanicals and safe synthetics at optimal concentrations. However, since everyone's skin is unique, we recommend reading the ingredient list and conducting a patch test before use. Simply apply a small amount behind the ear or on your forearm, wait 24-48 hours, and check for any signs of irritation.

    Can I use Lion Pose products if I have eczema?

    Since eczema is a medical condition, we recommend consulting your doctor or dermatologist before using Lion Pose products.

    Where can I find the ingredients for each product?

    You can find our ingredients on each product page by selecting the Ingredients tab. The ingredients can also be found on the back of each product's packaging. Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the product package's ingredient list for the most up-to-date list of ingredients.

    Are Lion Pose products vegan? Does Lion Pose test on animals?

    All Lion Pose products are vegan and do not include any animal by-products. All our products are also cruelty-free. Lion Pose does not test on animals!