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Clean & Clinical
By Women of Color

We are Indian-American women with completely different skin tones, who are tired of using products made for white skin. Check out our story.

For Skin of Color

People of color are more likely to blemish and scar, compared to lighter-skinned people. In fact, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (or dark spots due to acne) affects over 50% of POC.

Coming Soon

We are launching in the U.S. soon with Unspotted 4X Hyper-Active Acid Jelly Serum, an AHA hyperpigmentation serum that combats dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Be first to know.

Join the Soroarity

We developed skincare specifically for brown skin to address the unique issues of hyperpigmentation, melasma, ingrowns, and acne. We worked with Harvard Dermatologists who specialize in the research and treatment of brown skin to create a revolutionary product with strong acid levels so you don't need to spend hundreds on chemical peels.

Get access to free product samples and your choice of a tote bag or water bottle. You must apply to the program and we'll pick 100 people to join. We'll let you know in 7 days after you apply.

Qualifications: You must have black or brown skin, you must have an active instagram account, and be willing to share before and after photos. That's it!



Launching Soon: UNSPOTTED 4X™ Hyper-Active Acid Jelly Serum

This bouncy blend pairs 15% active alpha hydroxy acids with gentle giants aloe and tiger grass to lift away dead skin and resurface + restore your natural color — not fade, bleach, or whiten it.

  • Powered by our RAWR AHA Complex™ : A proprietary blend of Lactic + Glycolic + Tranexamic + Azelaic acids
  • Formulated for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 3-6
  • Hypertargeted for hyperpigmentation
  • pH Level 3.5. Formulated for exfoliation
  • Developed and approved by our Harvard-trained Skin of Color Dermatology Board
  • Lion Marked: 100% validated by research that meets our Brown Skin Clinicals™ standard
  • 100% Free of Our Forbidden Four: Silicones, Synthetic fragrances and Dyes, Endocrine Disruptors, Bleaching Agents
  • Clean by Sephora Standards, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, Made in Southern California

Size 30 ml / 1 fl. oz.
Vegan and cruelty-free.



I am a 33 years old who still gets acne (like a teenager). The POWER treatment serum helped fade the dark spots and scars left over from acne. I've never felt more confident in my own skin.

- Katy B.


UV exposure is the number one issue for people of color, but 60% of Black Americans don't wear sunscreen. We have to change the status quo and ensure everyone has healthy, protected skin.


Skincare for Us; Skincare for All.

We’re two loud and proud brown skinned girls who knew the struggle with dark marks was real. And we threw whatever we could at it—visits to high-priced derms offices, private laser light shows aimed at our skin.

Eventually, we found products that worked (yay!). But we know not everyone has the time or money to go all in on fixing their skin like we did.  

We want to democratize access to pharmaceutical-lite products that are truly effective for treating the problems that plague our skin of color. That’s why we started Lion Pose. And we’re here to slay.