Our Research Philosophy

The skincare world has a real beast of a research problem. 

Not only is there a tremendous lack of research on skin of color—which has been left out of both the textbooks and the studies. But the existing research touted by brands is often highly flawed. 

Studies get commissioned by brands with inherent bias. Sample sizes are small. The reported results are subjective. Clinicals get taken out of context. And the science is oversimplified and distorted to the point that it doesn’t resemble the original research at all. 

But legitimate research should be the standard, and it should be accessible to everyone.  

At Lion Pose, we’re committed to being  the Queens of Colored Clinicals— speaking up about the science, putting the methodology and the results under a microscope, and being the standard bearers for the most high quality research  in the world specifically for skin of color. 

  • Non-subjective, evidence-based assessments
  • Results that can be replicated  
  • Performed on real people  
  • Non-biased studies with no conflicts of interest and  impartial authorities  

We call our research stamp of approval “The Lion Mark.”  And our products continually evolve with both customer feedback and the scientific leaps.