Our Dermatologists

We believe that science can solve for our unique skincare issues. We’ve quite literally seen it happen. 

But there are only so many dermatologists to go around. With 9,600 dermatologists in the US—that’s 31,000 people to each dermatologist.  It’s just not possible for everyone to get treated when they need it. And the sad fact is, most of these dermatologists aren’t trained in the unique needs of colored skin. 

That’s why we assembled our board of the world’s best dermatologists who specialize in skin of color. These are people who are not in this to put their names on packaging or build a fanbase.  

They’re the ones working to affect change from the inside—promoting excellence and awareness, giving more resources to more dermatologists, and spreading the research around. 

And they are part of Lion Pose because they share our mission and values.  They genuinely want to help more people access the kind of solutions for skin of color that were previously only available by prescription.